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Welcome to Department of Marine Engineering and Nautical Sciences


Our objective is to create an institution which provides an platform for mariners , naval architects and all those who seek professional avenues in fields related to the maritime industry so that it can lead to higher realms of learning as well as give that professional edge to succeed better. We endeavour to fulfil our vision of providing the maritime professionals with all the were withal to make shipping safer , cleaner and environmentally adaptive. Towards that objective we have identified and nurture all those inputs and relevant areas which in our considered view is supportive of achieving our objective.


To achieve our objectives we have set some near and long term goals. The near goals is more on capacity building in the form of infrastructure, faculty, equipment and specialised thrust areas. That also includes creation of the whole spectrum of STCW and value added courses as well as those for the offshore industry. Training, discipline and empowering are the main goals for this term On the longer term we are looking for collaborations, research, higher education specialised training tools and centres as well as larger participation in various formats of learning, vocational training based applications, interdisciplinary areas and focussed research.